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Uncommon Realty is a Texas-based real estate company focused on going the extra mile in representing our real estate clients. Our agents are experienced, educated, and entrusted by our clients to handle their real estate needs. Uncommon Realty is a true agent-centric brokerage built from the ground up to support its agents. From its culture to leadership, and technology, Uncommon Realty is unlike any other real estate brokerage out there. Our culture is purposeful, encouraging, empowering, and provides agents with an environment to thrive and succeed. Our uncommon leadership is reliable, knowledgeable, ethical, motivates agents, and our leaders are experienced and trustworthy. We provide our agents access to dependable, intuitive, systematic, and useful technology available. We do all of this so that our agents can achieve uncommon results while representing you, their clients.

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Video Blog: Red Flags in Home Inspections

Home inspections are an important part of buying a home.  A complete home inspection, performed by a licensed home inspector, gives the buyer a chance to learn about the home they may be

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Video Blog: Red Flags in Home Inspections Bonus Footage!

There are many red flags to look for when reviewing a home inspection report prepared by a licensed inspector.  In this video, the co-hosts continue their discussion of what these red flags

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Video Blog: Are We In A Housing Bubble?

Are we in a housing bubble? Are we headed for a crash? These have been popular topics recently, and everyone has an opinion. Join the co-hosts of The Uncommon Truth Live for a fact-driven discussion

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Video Blog: Top 5 Things Californians Need to Know Moving to Austin Texas

Moving from California to Texas can be a bit of a culture shock!  Texas cities are continuing to grow in popularity, and Austin has been named one of the top places to relocate.We want you to

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