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Video Blog: Red Flags in Home Inspections

Home inspections are an important part of buying a home.  A complete home inspection, performed by a licensed home inspector, gives the buyer a chance to learn about the home they may be

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Video Blog: Red Flags in Home Inspections Bonus Footage!

There are many red flags to look for when reviewing a home inspection report prepared by a licensed inspector.  In this video, the co-hosts continue their discussion of what these red flags

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Video Blog: Are We In A Housing Bubble?

Are we in a housing bubble? Are we headed for a crash? These have been popular topics recently, and everyone has an opinion. Join the co-hosts of The Uncommon Truth Live for a fact-driven discussion

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Video Blog: Top 5 Things Californians Need to Know Moving to Austin Texas

Moving from California to Texas can be a bit of a culture shock!  Texas cities are continuing to grow in popularity, and Austin has been named one of the top places to relocate.We want you to

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